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Sealey Fixed Cranes

Fixed Frame Crane 3tonne(Ref: PH30)

Fixed Frame Crane 3tonne

  1. Lifts 3000kg at 1200mm jib extension.
  2. Heavy-duty castors.
  3. Perfect for heavy commercial, industrial and workshop use.
  4. Extendable heavy-duty legs for improved stability, particularly when operating at maximum jib extensions.
  5. Pump access from side for safe handling of heavy loads.
  6. Delivered in knock-down form for reduced freight cost.
  7. Some self assembly required.

Premier Engine Crane 3tonne - Fixed(Ref: PFC301)

Premier Engine Crane 3tonne - Fixed

  1. Professional 3tonne fixed crane with parallel legs, designed to accommodate a standard size pallet and features heavy duty forged hook.
  2. Lowers rapidly with no load, whilst providing smooth, controlled lowering under load conditions.
  3. Beam can be set in four positions, with a capacity of 2000kg at its full extension of 1870mm.
  4. Crane features two pumps one for slow, safe controlled lifting and a quick lift pump.
  5. Weighs 299kg and is suitable for workshop use.

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